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Consulting Firm

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We Know The Consumer,
We Have The Insight

PRGATE, an Integrated Marketing Communication consultant,
connects brand with its customers.
We continue to strive for Excellence in what we do.

CEO Yunjeong Kang

Vision & History

“Korea's Top Brand Communication & Consulting Firm”

Founded in 1999, PRGATE continues to expand its services to fit the needs of our clients.


PRGATE offers markets insights and solutions gained from servicing over 300 local and global brands.

  • Insight

    Insights from Experience

    Each member of PRGATE receives rigorous IMC training in addition to extensive experiences accumulated over the years. Brand insights and market trend analysis are applied to find the target solutions for clients.

  • Intergrated

    Strategic Communication

    PRGATE professionals in brand strategies, campaign & advocacy, media and digital publicity, and creative work together to offer effective IMC programs.

  • Challenging

    Communication Tools & Techniques

    In line with changes in the media environments, PRGATE offers effective communication tool and techniques. Recent recognition as the recipient of Red Dot Design Award and owning the patent rights in interactive video solutions reflect PRGATE’s continued efforts to address the emerging challenges.

    red dot award winner


“Integrated Marketing Communication Expert”

PRGATE professionals in brand strategies, campaign & advocacy, media and digital publicity,
and creative work together to provide effective IMC programs.

  • Brand Building & IMC

    Brand launching, IMC campaign, brand strategy and positioning

  • Media Consulting &

    Publicity programs including press release,
    feature stories, media planning & management,
    pictorial, tie-up, and advertorial

  • Digital Consulting &

    Brand channel & contents consulting, influencer marketing, digital campaign, promotion consulting & management

  • Design LAB

    Creative contents production

  • AD Planning & Analysis

    Strategic advertising and analysis


PRGATE Leaders Team professionals propose and implement the most effective IMC strategy
based on their extensive brand consulting experiences

Yunjeong Kang


Founder & CEO

IMC Communication Strategist

Major Projects
Seoyeon Choi


IMC campaign expert with 18 years of career in brand promotion
Reporter for JW Marriott Hotel Membership Magazine
Main clients include Jaguar, Fitbit, CORELLE, Ferrero Rocher, Honeyce, Bepanthol

Major Projects
Jeongmin Lee


Brand communication strategist with 15 years of career
Started her career in CNA Advertising Promotion Agency

Major Projects
Main clients include Sealy, Fitbit, Tefal, Unilever, LG Electronics ‘Psy King’, World Kitchen, Danone Pulmuone, Zespri, Lipton, Bodyshop, Vprove, Danahan, Dulcolax, Dulcofiber, Elevit, Blackmores, Univera,
Hyundai Card, Landrover, Volkswagen, Rolls-Royce, Ferragamo, FRED, DKNY, GUESS
Heejeong Roh


Digital brand communication strategist with 15 years of career in on/offline publicity campaign
Started her career in Commas Interactive

Major Projects
Main clients include Kinder chocolate, Dove, Ferrero Rocher, Bayer Healthcare Berocca, Contour, Bepanthol, Boehringer Ingelheim, Dulcolax, Levi’s, Magnum, Art Center Incheon, Unilever Korea, Lipton, DOVE, SHINSEGAE, Porsche, Berocca, Elevit, EBS momoe, Ministry of Environment, City of Incheon
Nahyun Lee

Head of Design

An expert in integrated on/offline brand communication design with 16 years of experiences in advertising and content design
Formerly worked at Design Jungle, Bar & Dining Magazine, hworks

Major Projects
Main clients include Sulwhasoo, Hera, Iope, Laneige, Cosme Decorte, Make up Forever, SK-II, L’oreal, Addiction, Etude house, Donginbi, Clarins, Hanhwa Life Plus, Coopang, Sealy, Danone Pulmuone, Arts Center Incheon, Paradise City
Hoyoon Lee

Team Leader

Brand video storyteller & creator with 9 years of experiences
Worked at Nine Fruits Media, an online ad agency

Major Projects
Main clients include Korea Tourism Organization, NS Home Shopping, Lotte Giants, Royal Copenhagen, Sealy, Hyundai Card, Pizza Hut, Expidia, JTBC, Danone Pulmuone, cosmocos, Olive Young, S-OIL, Samsung Engineering, Yonsei University, Catholic University of Korea, KIA motors, Electrolux, Ohui, Innisfree, GRAZIA, DAZED & CONFUSED, KWAVE M, Hyundai Card – Sigur Ros, Beck, Jean Paul Gaultier
Eungyeong Lee

Team Leader

Expert in the automotive sector with 8 years of career
Built her career as a publicity expert in Communique, Dream communication

Major Projects
Main clients include Mercedes-benz Korea, Jaguar, Landrover Korea,
Porsche Korea, Korea Buddhist Culture Business Group, Fortnum & Mason, Pacific Oceanic Acid Soprahum, Vibras Cosmetics
Eun Jeong Kim

Team Manager

7 years of career in publicity and digital PR

Major Projects
Main clients include Baesangmyun Brewery,Pulmuone Danon, LG Electronic, Hanra-meister, Sanofi, Dulcolax, Dulcofiber

Won the Red dot design award 2017 ‘Brand Design & Identity’
Ka Hyun Park

Team Manager

Digital brand communicater with 7 years of career in digital PR

Major Projects
Main clients include Kinder chocolate, Lipton, Elevit, Dulcolax, Sanofi Antistax, Camper, Haribo, Pulmuone Danon, I Love Yogurt, City of Incheon, Lipton, Magnum, Ferrero Rocher, B&O, Baesangmyun Brewery, Sealy, EBS momoe, Ministry of Environment

Won the Red dot design award 2017 ‘Brand Design & Identity’