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PRGATE aims to cultivate a culture of autonomy.
PRGATE embraces challenges and strives for results.
RGATE respects individual differences and values trust.

& Responsibility
& Results
& Trust


  • Self-Directed We strive for excellence. We value our clients. We deliver client’s needs efficiently and effectively.
  • Responsibility We are goal-oriented and result-oriented. We take responsibility to clients seriously.
  • Challenges We embrace challenges. We move forward and together with our clients we deliver success.
  • Respect & Team Work We listen to our clients, and we work together to create synergy. We create a positive environment.


  • Refresh
    PRGATE offers a good paid time off policy!
    • 1 month of paid time off for every three years
    • Depending on years of service, 22~32 extra paid vacation days per year are offered in addition to the paid vacation days required by law. 99.9% of PRGATE members maximize this service award program.
    • Long-term Service Cash Reward for every five years of service
  • Life
    PRGATE supports individual and team-building culture!
    • Flexible working hours
    • Allocation for team-building activities
    • Reimbursement for mobile expenses
    • Additional paid time off policy to meet individual needs
      (moving day, pregnancy paid leave, family events, etc.)
  • Up growth
    PRGATE supports individual growth!
    • Financial supports for self-development
    • Unlimited support for self-growth and business-related books
    • Offers internal communication education & training, work seminars, and brown bag talks
  • Culture
    PRGATE strives to offer better company culture!
    • PRGATE’s very own Great Working Place program
    • PRGATE Clubs & Activities
    • PRAGTE Employee Workshops


Application Instructions available on our Korean website.